May 28, 2009

Improve Memory Loss

Memorizing can be a Herculean task, most especially if a person finds it hard to commit to memory details and information regarding any particular subject. For some, even the simple task of remembering another person's name can be a hassle. Probably, the most irksome charge in school is having to memorize numerous dates and places for exams. For people getting on with age, memory deterioration is just one of those major snags associated with it. But although a declining memory is more commonly experienced by seniors advancing in their years, some younger people also suffer from failing memory. With this, people are trying to find more ways to improve memory. Some tried-and-tested methods really help improve memory, although it takes dedication and a little patience on a person's part for it to actually work.

Memory lapses are reasonably normal especially when a person is going through the process of aging. Some other factors that contribute to memory lapses are when a person had been ill and when the person becomes subjected to stress. The more severe problems with memory are experienced by people who were prey to neurodegenerative diseases and intracranial injuries. But for those who undergo minor memory slips, there are ways to improve memory with simple techniques.

Memory tools that improve memory are known as mnemonics. These mnemonics are techniques for better remembering information that would be otherwise difficult to retain in one's memory. Mnemonics often use keywords and associations to aid a person in remembering. The thing about mnemonics is that it makes use of more brain functions to keep information. Mnemonics work best in remembering names of people, items in the shopping list, pin codes, and other important numbers, significant dates, and lectures and speeches.

Among the simplest of these mnemonics is the so-called 'elaboration technique'. With elaboration, the key is to give as many meanings as possible to a thing a person does not want to forget. A person could start off by translating certain words and names to significant words that ring a bell. Then visualizations that are wacky and funny could be used for the words. The more vivid the visualizations are, the easier it is to recall that particular thing in the future. Elaboration is just among the most effectual methods to improve memory.

Another easy technique to improve memory is association. It's not enough to just attach a connotation to a particular thing a person would not want to forget. The workability of useful association lies in having two concepts or words effectively interrelate with each other. Association gets better by practice; the better a person is at doing it, the easier it is to retain and recall information.

Mnemonics work effectively for older people, although it would call for more practice and training for them than those younger people who experience declining memory. Apart from mnemonics, one way to help improve memory of older people is by taking supplements that generally enhance the memory. With aging comes deterioration of memory, this is because secretion of some of the body's hormones substantially declines as people grow older. This can be reversed though, through the help of human growth hormones. The most effectual supplements release these growth hormones to replace those that were lost through aging. Not only does it improve memory, but human growth hormones has other benefits to a person's physical and mental well-being as well.

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May 25, 2009

Blood pressure

If your veins accumulate debris, the inside of the "hose" is narrowed at that spot. The heart then has to work harder to force your blood through the narrowed area. This increases the pressure in your vascular system, and causes an extra strain on your heart, just as it does with a garden hose.

In most cases you won't notice any symptoms of this condition. Your blood vessels won't swell noticeably; there won't be any bruising, and certainly no pain. You might notice a slightly faster heart beat, but probably not. This is why you need your doctor to test your blood pressure.

If your results are high, it's called high blood pressure, or hypertension. Changing your diet and being more active can really help you control your blood pressure, but they may not lower it enough on their own. You may need to take medications to support your blood pressure.


May 13, 2009

Nail fungus

Nail fungus also referred to as Onychomycosis is caused by tiny fungus organisms that can be easily contracted anywhere. If you’ve got it, be rest assured that you are not the only person having this same dilemma as estimates have shown that over two million people in Canada have it while over 10 million people have it in the United States.

Nail fungus infections are really hard to spot earlier on. They only become obvious when they are fully established under the nails. Then they appear as a yellow spot which gradually spreads until it infects all parts of the nail and further spreads to all the other toe and finger nails. It is very easy for the fungus to survive in the nails because it is a very habitable environment for it to grow in. This is because most people wear covered and shoes that are not aerated. As they grow in warm moist dark environment, which sure provides the optimum breeding condition for them.

Please note that nail fungus infections are infectious and can spread from one person to the other. The ways you can contact them from other people is when you share the same bathrooms as in public shower stalls, locker rooms and bathrooms. These places are usually moist and people who have them can walk around barefooted. The fungus which gets deposited on the floor as they walk around gets picked up by those who did not have them previously just by walking across the floor. It is also contractible from nail files and emery boards. It is the reason it is not good hygiene practice to share your nail files with other people as you can never tell what they carry on their nails particularly when it isn’t obvious yet. It is also advisable that you not walk around in bare foot in public bathrooms, shower stalls and locker rooms. Get a flip flop that you can wear when you are going to places like that. However, if it is late and you are sure you have already contacted it, you might want to treat nail fungus immediately.


May 08, 2009

HGH: Depression Treatment

The reduced levels of human growth hormones or somatotropin can cause our bodily functions to deteriorate. Naturally, this means that older people have lower levels of human growth hormones. In addition, when a person reach the age of 60, his growth hormones drop considerably by 15%. But this can happen 20 years earlier for people who do not follow a balanced diet and lead healthy lifestyles. As a consequence, the drop in growth hormones can diminish your body's potential to be more active. Notice how older people become very unproductive. They also suffer loss of memory, loss of libido, sagging skin among others. This inactivity or disability and the feeling of nostalgia for the good times of the past can often lead to depression. But it is the stigma that depression is normal with older people that discourages older people and their families to seek depression treatment. Depression among older people can be doubly dangerous as it may lead to fatal consequences as induced by suicide and non-suicide factors. And in these situations almost always, a treatment is not resorted to.

Depression is a deadpan medical illness that affects millions of individuals. It is not only the patients who suffer, but also their families and the people around them. Depressed people often withdraw from society. They shun away from people because of their insecurities and anxieties, and this is not a joke. That is why emotional support from friends and families is likewise important. Aside from getting a depressed person to undergo depression treatment appropriate for him, reassurance and encouragement is likewise important. It involves a great deal of patience, understanding, and affection. Undergoing a therapy or medication for the treatment of depression is not easy, and it's never helpful to lose hope or look at the bleak side. Help the patient regain his confidence in himself by inviting him to go out and experience the things that he might have missed. But never fail to listen to his feelings.

Like most disorders, the axiom that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure also applies squarely with depression. And the way to beat depression early on its stage before it even becomes full blown is exercise. Exercise and adopting an active lifestyle can help fight the symptoms of depression. Depression might be more psychological than physical, but being inactive drives us to dwell more on the sad side of life. There have been evidences that exercise is even more effective than anti-depressants. Exercise is a mood elevator, and together with depression treatment, exercise can lessen or even wipe out depressive episodes in patients and eventually regain their normal behavior. While it may improve our physical well-being, exercise also helps us gain better perspective in life by eliminating the causes and symptoms of mental disturbances.

Depression is treatable, though may not be easy, but it's good to know that it has solutions. First and most commonly used form of depression treatment is medication. Often prescribed by health professionals are antidepressant drugs. These drugs can help relieve the symptoms of depression if prescriptions are followed strictly by the patient. Another type of treatment is psychotherapy or "talk" therapy which helps patients to gain perspective and take control of the situation. While medication and psychotherapy are the most recommended forms of treatment, there are other alternative remedies. One is exercise or yoga. Other methods include meditation, massage therapy, and even relaxation and deep breathing. These natural methods are commonly used as implements of psychotherapies while others can be used alone. But an advice of a health professional should always be asked before beginning any treatment of this kind.

Since depression is often characterized by a feeling of sadness or emptiness, the way to survive your depressive episodes apart from depression treatment is to start helping yourself. Live life like you have never lived it before, and live it one day at a time. Stay happy and appreciate the beautiful things around you. Depression is a disorder of the mind but that doesn't mean that it should exist there. The best depression treatment therefore lies with treating the mind, and who better to do this than you. Together with your therapist's help, you can control depression and bring back the confidence you have in yourself and your life as well.

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