February 27, 2010

Lying on Your Sides

The best sex position for the woman who enjoys masturbating during sexual intercourse is on her side. It is very easy to touch her front area in this position. It is preferable for many women to lie on their sides when their partners are fucking them from behind lying on their sides too. This position gives men excellent opportunity to caress their partners' breasts.

Lying on their sides during sexual intercourse gives some couples the feeling of a very close contact because partners can embrace tightly. Many men can prolong intercourse while lying on their side as a stroke is not so dynamic. In this position a couple can enjoy a deep stroke. Though this excellent position suits pregnant women in their last stage of pregnancy, men should be careful and not enter too deep. There is a great opportunity to experiment in this position, you may want to ask your woman to keep her upper leg down or up. Different angles of thrusting will also give you new emotions. Experimenting in this position brings new feelings!

Do not be afraid to try out new sex positions as a part of you male enhancement or female enhancement programs, it will refresh your old relationship or establish a new one.

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February 01, 2010

Woman on Top

This is one of the most popular sex positions. The woman on top position is sometimes called the cowgirl position because the woman "rides" her partner like a cowboy rides a horse. The receptive partner, i.e. the woman is in superior position and this style is good for couples who assign the dominant role to the woman. In general women like this sex position because it allows them to control the depth and the speed of penetration. By changing the angle of insertion the woman can reach the close contact of her clitoris with the pubic bone of the man thus providing proper stimulation of the clitoris.

Besides, there are different options making the woman on top position more appealing for the partners. For example, the woman can face her partner or she can face away from the man. Moreover, the woman can squat over the man or kneel over him. Also there is an opportunity to stimulate the clitoris of the woman by hand. Alternatively, you can try different vaginal stimulation products like female enhancement creams for more powerful orgasms. If she has her torso aligned with the lying man's body this position improves genital stimulation and is a good choice for the couples who like to kiss and see their partners' faces during the sexual intercourse.

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