May 21, 2018

How to overcome claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia is a well-known anxiety problem. It's generally thought of as the fear of small spaces, but it's not necessarily small - it's rooms that don't have a clear and easy escape (many of which happen to be small, like an elevator). It's technically a symptom of anxiety and not its own disorder, yet it may as well be its own disorder because some people experience claustrophobia without necessarily a separate anxiety problem.

How to overcome claustrophobia? The treatment for claustrophobia is complicated, because it generally involves experiencing a considerable amount of fear first and then dealing with that fear later. It may be something you want to put in the hands of a psychologist.

Studies have shown that humans have the innate ability to experience less anxiety when faced with something that causes fear for a long period of time. But that only works if you allow yourself to experience the fear until the fear goes away. If you "run away" from your fear, it causes what's known as "reinforcement." It convinces your mind that, because you ran away, it must be something very scary. It is almost as if your actions have an effect on how your mind sees the situation.

You'll also need to control your overall anxiety and any anxiety disorders that may have caused your claustrophobia. This is especially true if you're having panic attacks, because these types of conditions are unlikely to go away on their own even if you manage to overcome claustrophobia.

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